Want to save countless dollars in time management?

Our mission

There is no leader who doesn’t want to make an impact in the world. In order to do so, they have no other choice but to learn how to evolve their abilities in delegation as our civilization becomes increasingly competitive. This is critical not only for a leader’s mental health, but also maximizing shareholder value by reallocating time and resources into what matters most in any given venture. 

We believe that the best way to do this is by learning how to build self-governing teams that come alive through company culture. 

We exist to help your company save critical time and resources.


Take better charge of your own helm by letting us teach you the art of delegation and culture creation. Maximize your shareholder value and profit margin by understanding how to develop self-governing teams.


With our certification, you can provide highly effective methodologies for facilitation, decision-making, team building, and decentralized governance.


Save countless dollars by contracting one of us as your HR specialist. Delegate the responsibility to us to transform your company to maximize its quarterly profits by focusing on team productivity and company culture.

Our Impact

We have trained and consulted companies to maximize their profits, time and morale in over 20 countries.

We help build productive, self-governing teams everywhere we go.

We offer you this knowledge and experience, so you can apply it to your own organization.

Our global community welcomes you!

Our Team

We are a joyful community devoted to transforming society through measurable results in time management and company cultures. 

We accomplish this firstly by the demonstration of our own example: our own inner transformation. Then, through the examining of the foundational pillars of your company‘s culture from that experiential perspective.

Our core community consists of 18 members. John and Monika, the founding partners, have persevered through a tumultuous decade largely thanks to the principles we can help you apply to your own company.



Founding partner, lead trainer.  Consulting, training, and facilitation expertise with agile, sociocracy, open space and beyond budgeting. Decades of IT experience. Passionate about people embodying and living in a decentralized world.

Monika Megyesi

Founding partner, lead trainer. Certified mediator & facilitator.  A life devoted to helping others experience a better life. Devoted to ensuring clients gain the most  results from the applied values of self-governing teams. Committed to creativity, diversity and giving everyone a voice.

community feedback

We have consulted and trained in numerous countries and cultures,  our community has a wide variety of feedback to share.  If we have impacted your life in some way let us know, we’d love to share it here ❤️ 


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